Sunday, August 29, 2010

Care for your HAIR and FACE

we girls invest so much on skin care and hair care.
The technique here ladies is not on much on the product your using but your technique in using these products.
i had a lovely chat with my cousins about skin care and hair care then i ended up giving a long lecture about how i do my routine. My cousins encouraged me to share it to all my lovely ladies here.

so, lets begin!


if you want to have more volume or thickness and strength here's what you do:
1. WASH YOUR HAIR once and a while
-this works wonders. believe me. do not think that your hair is all gross and smelly. your promoting your hair to release its natural oils and make your hair a lot thicker.
-ever had that experience where in your conditioner runs out faster than your shampoo? that ladies is a bad sign. quit that habit lol take just a little amount (not too small not too many) rub it against your fingers and apply ONLY on the ends of you hair. you dont wanna rub it all the way up to your scalp unless you wanna look like gulom! lol
3. KEEP BRUSHING your hair
-this promotes proper blood circulation making you hair grow faster and become healthy!
4. USE MINIMAL hair products
-going natural is the way to achieving healthier hair. more products just weaken you hair more. use them only when you need to.
-when you keep re-styling your hair, you're adding spice and thus, minimizing trips to the salon. keeping your hair in style would also keep it from being dull and boring especially when your hair is still on the verge of recovery

hair products i use are:

both shampoo and conditioner of 

this is the combination that is utter perfection for my hair.
they may not be suitable for every hair type but it's amazing with mine.
i have really fine and course hair.
if you do all those guidelines i mentioned above, you will have healthier hair in no time


-water helps a lot! keep your skin healthy and glowing. drinking water stabilizes your body.
-i know it is a bit impossible to some but an 8 hour sleep will rejuvenate your body and make you ready to hustle the next day. it also keeps those ugly eye bags away too!
-experiment, try products that would suit you but if you do have a staple product then, do not break your routine. wash your face when you have the chance to. more wash, less damage.
-the suns rays are your worst enemy. protect your face with a good of SPF :)
-your disposition will always matter! feel good from the inside and you will look even better on the outside. invest on things that are worth while and that would give genuine joy to you. spend time with family and loved ones for added happiness

currently i am in LOVE with this cleanser and i hope you do give it a go too.

PONDS PURE WHITE deep cleansing
ahhh! just love it to pieces!
i might do a review on it soon.
i have to see and observe the results for a week.
until then, all i can say is it's UH-mazing lol

thank you guys for reading this blog!
i hope this was helpful :)

God bless you all

xx noe

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Miss Ireland Rozanna Purcell

Rozanna Purcell
Miss Ireland

beautiful, stunning and utterly gorgeous.

i had to make a tutorial on her effortless beauty.
she reminds me so much of Angelina Jolie.
her pale blue eyes are just tantalizing and bewildering.
goodness she is so pretty

.anyway, enough of that.
some more pictures of her :)

this was her when she was crowned Miss Universe Ireland in Ireland :)

and this is my interpretation

i had to wear contacts and smile so i can truly replicate her look.
her brows are slightly thicker but are shaped really well.

Ever Bilena's Foundation in Oriental
Nichido Loose Powder in So Natural
Ever Bilena Light bronzer
Rimmel blush in Santa Rose
Concealer palette by DOLLFACE

96 color palette by DOLLFACE
Fashion 21 color set
Nichido length and curl mascara
L'oreal Kohl pencil in Noir
drugstore lashes

Ever Bilena matte lipstick in Skin
LA colors lip gloss in beige delight

Geo Lenses Twins series in AQUA
i was featured here too! so cool thanks may!

and if you're interested with DOLLFACE 
visit them here :)

a little close up :)

more pictures? here you go lol

not really a fan in smiling haha can you tell?

looks good even on brown eyes

more pictures at my facebook page!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarette Look

Jimena Navarette
Miss Universe 2010

dont you just love her face?
quite stunning really.
makes you go o_o

when i saw her when she first went out, i said to myself i have to recreate her look.
she was quite gentle and meek when she walked compared to all the others who were fierce and i think that's her edge right there.
My top bets were:
1. Miss Philippines (duh) Maria Venus Raj
2. Miss Ireland Rozanna Purcell
3. Miss Mexico Jimena Navarette

fortunately all of them made it through the top 10 but only Miss Ireland was missing in the top 5.

this is the look i recreated.

i went all out with the pageant hair as well lol

the eyes are simply smoked out to perfection.
black and gun metal colors are a hit with brown eyes.
they make your eyes (if their brown) pop a lot more.
and, the brows are quite angular to frame the eyes.
pale lips and bronzed cheeks finishes the look

some more pictures?

i had such an amazing time yesterday.
constantly updating recent happenings and at the same time getting nervous and shaky for Miss Philippines.
felt like home :)
because of yesterday, i remembered all my pageant days and how i wish i can go back and relive it all again.
in God's time i can have that opportunity again.

enough chatter! lol before i get emotional.
let's get on with the tutorial :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

REVIEW! Michelle Phan DIY Pore Strips

hey gorgeous! :)

Michelle Phan recently uploaded yet another DIY tutorial.
this is time, she actually made something i was totally up for which were pore strips!
i have serious white and black heads issue because of the skin type i have and i am a user of pore strips.
i am a huge fan of michelle (duh who isnt?) so i decided to try it out myself and do a review.

you can watch my whole review below but for now, i'll show you close up photos.
These are not edited nor tampered

this is totally embarrasing but i do it all for the sake of knowledge lol
so yeah, that is my pores around my nose after i took off the strip :)

you see? my white heads aren't actually pulled from my pores. 
they are just sitting there -_-
the pore strip that i buy from the drugstore does a better job at pulling out the white heads.
plus, the strip sticks like crazy on you face! peeling it off was a bit of a pain but is totally bearable.

but it did have major good points especially around my nose where it tends to get dark and oily

have an awesome day ahead

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Before and After MAKE-OVER!

hey my lovelies :)
I'm back and ready for more action.

so, a couple of weekends ago, my cousin and her friend had a party to go to and needed help.
i most willingly i agreed because i LOVE make-overs.
it's such a great experience to know that your hard work and labor really paid off not because you get dough afterwards but when you see that glow in their eyes and to find out they we're the stars of the night when all you did was just bring out what they already had.
it brings me so much joy when my client is happy and thrilled with the results.
now, i wanna show you some of the photos i took from my clients and see what you think :)
have a lovely blessed day guys!





all of these ladies are beautiful inside and out :)

what do you think?
i'd love to hear what you have to say

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