Tuesday, February 2, 2010


i had the most fantastic day ever!!! i went to see our local talent show that got everybody in my city buzzing. so i had to go just because i wanted to experience the hype of being part of the that show. i have to tell you, its the bessst experience everr! well at least for but yea whatever. i loved every minute of it. although people were pushing and shouting and some even got robed -_- which inevitable but thank God i had an inside help from the staff. i finally got a seat as a VIP wow. it was one of the highlights of my life!! here's some pictures i took. 

hope you enjoy as much as i did!! =)

the amazing set.

everyone sang to their jingle. even i did lol

mr. gary valenciano, a local celebrity

with kuya kim, a famous weather man

panel of judges =)

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