Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ever Bilena Cosmetics celebrated the true Beauty of a Filipina. Guided by the belief that every woman should be as beautiful as she can be.Ever Bilena Cosmetics different lines of colors and skin care give every FIlipina the chance to be their best all the time...
As i entered the Cosmetic Companys site, this phrase greeted me. I can attest to this phrase and support it by saying it is indeed true. Being an avid user and believer in this said Company, i've never doubted their products' capability. It was their liquid foundations i had first come to love and after such time, became a fan of most of their products. Before, i searched for a cosmetic company that offered good to high quality products with reasonable prices. i've searched far and wide, invested in a make or break situation and had to continually experiment. until i found myself in the counter of Ever Bilena. There, i finally found what i was looking for. Products that only a fool would doubt and plus they would not hurt your pockets. Being a free-lance Makeup Artist,Beauty Guru and at the same time, a Student, i needed products i knew that were a good run for my money. having tested through time and circumstances, i can testify with full honesty that this Cosmetic Company has nothing more but great cosmetics that will surely bring out the true beauty of a Filipina.

I also use imported products (which names i will not mention) in some occasions. Some, as expected, are a higher standard compared to Ever Bilena BUT some are as good as this cosmetic company in terms of quality but the prices are a HUGE difference. People have this preconceived notion that anything that comes from the west or outside of the country is and will always be better than the products available here. well, sorry to disprove that notion but OUR products, 100% Pinoy Made products, are as GOOD as the companys that are miles away from us. its just SMART BUYING. im not saying i will not use international products, im simply defending the label "MADE IN THE PHILIPPINES".

I believe in this Cosmetic Company so much, i've decided to share to you and the rest of the world how proud i am for this local company we have. i also hope that this would help spread the word so that a lot of Filipinas would have the chance to be the best and look their best every moment.
With my tutorials and wonderful products from Ever Bilena, that goal will just be a click away!

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'til next time! God bless you!

noe mae v.

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