Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glitterdollz7 Contest Entry: Cheshire the Cat Inspired Look

i've always loved EXTREME makeup because of its outrageous nature. it helps to keep a very creative and innovative mind all the time and i find the AVANT-GARDE type of makeup very comforting.
maybe because im CRAZY of something but whatever.
everybody has different tastes and i happen to find this very delicious lol

on the more serious note...
if you can see the false eyelashes i used,top and bottom, in different eyes are not the same.
this basically represents how Cheshire shifts into different forms and body parts.

my faux-fur brows are an added twist in the look.
i decided to put them because it gave a realistic feel to the whole piece.
and it especially made it feel more mischievous and annoying! lol

anyway, please do check the video out! =)
hope you enjoyed it as much as i did!


check out his channel and subscribe of course! =)

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