Saturday, March 13, 2010


i went out just a while ago with my dear cousin and bought some neat stuff.

so, okay, i saved for this beauty appliance for quite some time now and i really wanted to get it because it would be a very good investment for my freelance makeup packages. its an 'upgrade' so to speak. i bought a couple of eye shadows that had eye-catching colors and highlighting shadow palette. lets get started!


its a curler iron with a 32 mm ceramic roller. this is the baby i had to save up to have and now i do! yey for me.
i tried it out the second i got home and wow, i love it! it heated fast even in a lower setting. wow. the handle isnt really what i wanted it to be. but it works anyway. one of its feature is a tangle-free swivel chord that will prevent chords from intertwining which is such a hassle with regular irons or blow drivers. for this appliance i'll give a 9out 10 just because some features could have been better but its very good enough.

its Php 2199.00 here in the Philippines and is $29.95 in the US.

visit this site to check out other peoples' review on this product

more pictures...

L.A. COLORS Single Eye Shadow

i had to buy these single eye shadows because im gonna need it for my next look. another reason is, the colors and the color pay-off is worth it. and for Php 60?? thats on heck of a good deal. L.A. colors has this stall that had glosses,lipsticks, li[ liners, foundation, eyeshadows and blushes all for a Php 60, wow. i recommend you to check out the L.A. colors stall and buy as much as you can! lol okay not so much but yeah you get the point. so here are the pictures! =)

 the back view.. COSMIC BLUE&VIOLATION

NICHIDO Eye Shadow Trio

this palette i had to buy because i broke the remains of my favorite highlighter =( i can get reckless at times. but anyway, the damage has been done. the eye shadows have a good color pay-off. they also make really good shadows and highlighters. the thing about this companies in the Philippines, they dont put names on shadows which is so bad when youre trying to find that shadow you like. but yea, the first and the lightest color is similar to buttermilk by Clinique but has shimmer in it. the next one is a warm and nude pink, again with shimmer. the last is a brown color with a slight gold under tone. over all its a pretty nice palette. nothing amazing about it though.


that ends my haul for today! =) thanks for reading this entry!

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and i'll see you soon! bye!


noe mae v.

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