Friday, March 26, 2010

Switching SKin Care Products

 hi hello everyone!

today, im changing my skin care products.
shocking o_O i know but its just for comparison's sake.
my PONDS Perfect Matte Oil Control Cleansing Foam ran out already, so i went out and bought new facial washes.
its not too drastic of a change but is still important.
i went ahead and bought St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

i need to ex-foliate often because i always have makeup put on me and it
can and it will clog my pores. 
just for preventive measures, i had to buy one.
i used this a long time ago.
the look changed but the product remained the same

next, i got a moisturizing facial wash.
its the Celeteque Facial Wash with NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor)

after ex-foliating, your pores are left open and prone to bacteria.
to prevent break-outs and such, right after ex-foliating,moisturize your face with both 
facial wash specializing in moisturizing and moisturizer after washing your face.
this will leave you face supple and refreshed.

i'll make a review 7 days after today, MARCH 26, 2010, to see if there is truly a difference.

i know this is not related to skin care but i have to tell you guys about this 

i bought a nail varnish/polish from L.A. colors. doesnt have a name though but its a VERY hot pink.
really beautiful color. i still have my previous varnish on but i will try this out when i take this off.

i guess that is all for now.. =)

'till the next one.


noe mae v.

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