Saturday, April 17, 2010

Looking like an ANGEL never felt so good..

hi hello everyone!

this time, i am an angel without wings lol

i am truly a die-hard fan of VICTORIA'S SECRET
the clothes, the products, the ANGELS, the FASHION SHOW, everything!

my favorite ANGELS are:

and of course,


i love them all because they exude confidence and beauty gracefully.

so,enough talk. this is my look!

after my look was done, my little niece said i looked like the picture that i was viewing before i did the tutorial.
the angel in the the photo was MIRANDA KERR. wow.
thats the most amazing flattering comment i have ever received.
so here's the photo!

isn't she just lovely?

i know. we do not look alike. but, i think the makeup and the look i'm going for is quite similar to hers.

here's another one.

and to top it all of, it is super easy to be an ANGEL!
check out the tutorial!

i wore contacts to truly re-create the VS ANGEL edge.
the hues i used was an old rose shade.
on top of that, i used neutral colors to enhance the undertone color.
blended the harsh edges to have that perfect smoky feel.
highlights are a MUST for this look.
i placed them on the inner 2/3 of both the upper and lower lids.
the tear ducts are accented very well.

i did a cat-eye for this because it adds up to the look we are going for which sexy yet sweet.
lashes are in full bloom here to help finish the look.

the lips are kept neutral with a little dash of color and a whole lot of gloss.

to really finish this look, you need to have confidence just like an ANGEL.
you need to really feel that you are your own VS ANGEL and feel great about yourself for who you are.
makeup can only do so much as to bring out a little something from what you have, but its your outlook and your positivity that will get people talking and noticing.
do not be afraid to shine! =)

for more looks and tutorials go to this site

dont forget to tweet me!

'til the next time guys!
God bless you all

noe mae v.


  1. awww your eyes looks soo preety on pictures :))

  2. well, technically there not mine =D but hey, that means i look good with it. i'll take it as a compliment thanks! =)

  3. You look so pretty! Great tutorial :) Btw, what contacts are you using here? ty:)

  4. they are from geo lenses :) geo twins in aqua :)

  5. what false lashes are you using? they really work well with this look!

  6. I love it! It's far better than what I tried to replicate of Miranda Kerr's look hehe..


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