Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Daily Look for School and for Work

hi hello everyone! im back! =)
this time i have something for all the working girls and students out there.
this is my simple day look.
simple yet has bold statements.

im super excited about school. (since here, in the Philippines, classes start June)
im faced with a new challenge.
a new school, new friends, new uniform?!
what is not to be excited about??
anyway, so i figured i made a cute look for anyone to wear but not looking like they have a ton of makeup on

so, on with the LOOK!

 the eyes are very simple.
you can use eyeshadow if you want to but even without it, this look is just perfect.
white eyeliner helps you look fresh and awake and it makes a good highlighter too.
the brows are shaped neatly, not overly done as well.

the cheeks are lightly colored with a pink blush and bronzer for contour.
for this i used a cream blush.
this way its more subtle and looks unbelievable natural and thats what we're going for.
you need to look like you were MADE like this already lol

and of course, the lips.
since everything else is subtle and soft, the lips should make a grand entrance.
choosing a color that's bright and would pop would be the best choice.
bold colors are in season so dont worry if you feel like your the only one wearing it.
believe me, it will turn heads but for a very good reason.

you can definitely wear it with glasses.
makes the look very cute =)

that is all for now my friends and i will catch you all later!
Hope this helped you heeps =)

noe mae v.

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