Sunday, September 12, 2010

Photoshoot with Mike Motz

im back! and still alive people, just in case you were wondering *wink
anyway, i have been busy lately but since all of you are precious to me, doing this blog wouldnt be too much of a burden.

so, i wen to a photo shoot 2 days ago and worked with my new found photog friend Mike Motz.
you can visit him and see his works here!

it was just a little fashion shoot. nothing serious, we just had a lot of fun.
the models are Jen and Krizia.
here are their photo's

this is Jen. the photo is just stunning,wouldn't you agree?
very ANTM-ish.
what i did on her was just a simple light brown smokey eye.
she explained to me that her outfits would be somewhat animal printed so, i thought a smokey would bring the look all together.

and this is Kriz. she looks really like Dakota Fanning.
she's as sweet and bubbly too.
she was such a pleasure to work with.
anyway, she explained her outfits were fun girly and with a lot of bold colors so, i opted for a simple pin-up look. nothing too dark for her since the colors catches a lot of attention already.
pretty isn't she?

here are some more photos!

so far, these are the only photos given to me by Mike. hopefully, there would be bunch more later.
stay tuned for that!:)

after every shoot i do honestly feel tired but i know deep in my heart every ounce of hard work was and is worth it. Human as we all are, we have limitations and those limitations can either be an obstacle or a challenge. it is up to us to decide. we shape our own destiny.

“Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they WILL come true”
-Michelle Phan


Your thoughts are highly appreciated!

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