Sunday, December 5, 2010

HAUL, again ★

it's been quite a while now since i did a HAUL video.
maybe because i have been broke the past weeks T_T
but anyway, here i am with a haul! God is good :)

These are some of the pictures of the items i have purchased. if you wanna know all the items i bought you can watch the video down below.

i LOVE this color!! 
LUSH by Bobbie

in the video i kept saying "sienna" when its suppose to be siennas. sorry! *peace

i had to treat myself with a little FS :))
and BTW, i also kept saying "FRANNY" when its "FANNY"
oooppppsss :) sorry 
thank you nyxx15 from youtube for the correction :)

watch the video for more chitchat with all the items i purchased!


  1. noe!!! i like the liner... does it smudge??? please do a review... please....

  2. as soon as get to use it donna, i wll :)

  3. the FS two way cake has a lot of raves. i have their cake foundation it's nice kaso it melts easily eh.

    by the way noe, do you know where can i get Angelique espadrilles online? your classmate sadly doesn't sell them anymore for the mean time.

  4. i am definitely one of them joice. i cant express how beautiful the product really is. worth every penny

    oh really? i didnt know that. he's the only seller i know though. im sorry :(


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