Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inexpensive HAUL

Hey Everyone! I'm back with a very special haul for you.
I just recently discovered a great brand of lip glosses and! their prices will shock you.
Stay tuned...

Beauty Formals Dry Shampoo
Php 119

I've always wanted to buy a dry shampoo ever since Judy said it's a good alternative especially if you don't fancy washing your hair everyday. The good thing about this is it's really inexpensive. It's available at Metro Colon Department Stores near the cosmetic section. 

Fashion 21 Loose Powder in no. 1
Php 175

This powder was recommended to me by Janah. I also wanted to try it because she raved about how good this was. Hopefully, it'll not disappoint. 

The really cool thing about it is that it's packed with product as you can see. You definitely get value for your money. 

Oseur' Mirror shine lipstick in Wine Radiance
Php 88

I gotta tell you, for its pigmentation and color pay-off, you wouldn't believe its actually price. It's extremely inexpensive! really, like whoa! 

I chose this color because it looks pretty and the color is summer appropriate. I can also use this on shoots and I bet the lips will definitely POP. 

Oseur' Shimmery Powder in 803
Php 68

I'm trying out pigments now a days just for the heck of it. I fell in love with the beauty and minerals one and I'm planning to get one for myself. In the mean time, I wondered if this local inexpensive product would qualify as a dupe. Hopefully it will, fingers crossed. If not, oh well.

True Lover Lip Glosses in # 53 & 30
Php 19.75 each

This is the BIG shocker of my haul. You might think what am I doing with cheap products that will certainly harm me. Hear me out first, these may be really inexpensive but they are perfectly fine. In fact, they are the BEST lip glosses i have ever used. As far as pigmentation and scent goes, they are an A++. I also noticed these lip glosses a long time before but never really bothered because I had my own apprehension with it. Turns out, I LOVE THEM! I bought this at Metro Colon Department Store

BTW, it smells like BUBBLE GUM!! didn't expect that from a very inexpensive product. It also has the tiniest microscopic glitters that makes a 3D shine. AMAZING.

here's #53
Beautiful right? That's the lip gloss alone.


True Lover Charming Lip gloss 3D shine and care in #21
Php 24.75

It's from the same brand as the lip glosses above but this is the bigger one.  Smells great and had good pigmentation. Awesome product :)

Spoon Holder in Pink
Php 79

I wanted to have a brush container that has a lid on top just so my brushes are not prone to dust and all that jazz. So, i opted for something from the kitchen ware department. It also matches my room which is awesome.

It looks so pretty.

That's it guys! See you on the next one.
Be safe & God bless!


  1. noe pls do review the fashion 21 powder...;)

  2. like the haul... I can't believe dry shampoo is available there.. and its so cheap! ^^ wish there is one available here in manila.. ^_^

  3. I love how you store your brushes! :D

  4. The Spoon Holder for brushes is genius!! Great Idea! =D

  5. great haul dear! i need a spoon holder to store my brushes too i think and, i was shocked at the prizes of those lipglosses too!

    do let us know if the dry shampoo works ok? ^o^

  6. wow. a spoon holder. who would thought of that? amazing!!!

  7. spoon holder for the brushes! very smart idea!

  8. gurl, I didn't know that there's oseur at metro colon. I haven't been there for the longest time. awesome picks!

  9. the f21 loose powder is love. use it with a puff for that porcelain finish (as Sarah Victor would put it)

  10. I will Carla, definitely.

    Try hunting for it Alice. I bet you'll find it.

    Thank you everyone for liking my new brush holder. It's inexpensive and keeps your brushes from dirt. how cool is that :D

  11. wahhh mapapabili ako ng dry shampoo ng wala sa oras!!!HEHE

  12. great haul! I love your lipstick and gloss. I hope I could find it here in Laguna or Alabang. :)

  13. I love you for the brush holder idea!!!

  14. wud luve to try these!!!More inexpensive haul please

  15. ate donna this is amazing. can i ask where metro dept. store is located?

  16. omg ate noe sorry akala ko kay ate donna sorry po ulit.
    ahm ate noe that is awesome. ahm where is metro dept store located? :DD hihi ate noe sorry talaga :PP

  17. Wow! Great presentation of your themes. Good presentation. Thanks.Beautiful bangladesh

  18. i've been using the loose powder of fashion21, and i won't recommend it to those with oily skin. the coverage also doesn't last, but other than that, i'd say i love this brand :)

  19. Hi...miss Noe..:))
    i just want to know where do you buy your make up stuff..and those brands that you have and you mentioned to your videos..Is there expensive here in the Philippines???or you bought it on an online shop??

    hoping for you reply..God bless..:))

  20. Would definitely try the F21 loose powder! It's a VERY inexpensive product for having great reviews right? I would love to try local brands with inexpensive prizes yet have good qualities. Any more suggestion Ms. Noe? Could you make a post about it? Would appreciate it so much! Thank you. God bless! ♥


Your thoughts are highly appreciated!

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