Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: Sakura Pink (WI-A27) GEO Circle Lenses

My friends over at THE RED JHELLI SHOP gave a free pair of lenses to me weeks ago.
Since I am a fan of fashion lenses, I was just so excited to use the pair.
They gave me a pair of SAKURA PINK GEO Circle lenses.
They are priced at PHP 750 only!
but if you're lucky, you can get it for S-A-L-E which i suggest you do :)

I am not a fan of pink but I figured I can definitely use the pair for fantasy or anime inspired looks. 
The package looks like this. It improved in terms of paper quality than the first one which I definitely love.

Inside, you will find a cute bag containing the lenses and other stuff I will show you later and this Geo Medical brochure.

This is the tubes that contains the lenses. As you can see, there is an authentic seal of GEO Lenses so as to validate the product. THE RED JHELLI SHOP sells REAL and AUTHENTIC Contact lenses.

Here's what the lens looks like from the bottle. It's not a very HOT PINK color as you can see. The pink looks very understated which I like, again. It's enclosed with a brown outline giving it a more natural feel compared to a black very obvious outline.

And of course, the free coontacts container, solution and a GEO lenses brochure.

They also give out this token of appreciation for first time buyers. I think that is very cute and sweet :)

Here's how it looks on me...

*Please watch out for my SPECIAL makeup tutorial for these lenses :)


I love the lenses and how they emphasize my eyes especially on pictures. The shade of pink is not at all hard to take in. In fact, they actually look very nice. In terms of comfort, I prefer the previous lenses that I reviewed last time which is the Geo Magic Circle Lense BC-101. But they are comfortable, don't get me wrong. I just prefer the other one better. It definitely gives a POP of color to your eyes especially if you are fond of circle lenses. 

I'd highly recommend everyone who loves Circle lenses to try this pair out. Pink may be your thing or not, you'll definitely LOVE this one. 

Special HUGE Thank you to my friends over at THE RED JHELLI SHOP for sending this awesome pair.

Please do visit their shop, The Red Jhelli Shop over at Facebook.

Thank You & May God bless you always.
'Till the next review! :)

*this review was sponsored by THE RED JHELLI SHOP.


  1. great review noe! I'm not a fan of circle lenses but I like them. if given the chance I will try them out too ^_^

  2. nice review noe! I'm only using freshlook lenses. never tried other brands before. :( but would check this out soon. thanks for sharing!

    oh BTW, I'm having my birthday giveaway. You can check it here:
    Misskatv's Birthday Sigma Brush Giveaway

    xoxo, Kat :)

  3. i also have these lenses! great review sis! =)

  4. ang ganda!!! <3 i wish i could sport lenses like these! haha

  5. These lenses are uberly cute no doubt :)

    Hi Joice! of course you can, why not?! :)


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