Friday, July 29, 2011

M.I.A. in Blogger

This is going to be a random blog entry. Consider yourself warned! LOL

Honestly, I have not been active in Blogger as much as I am in YouTube. I find it  very unfair of me to not be active here. Maybe because I am very lazy or I tend to forget. Either way, my behavior is inexcusable.

Because of that, I thought I should ask from my lovely readers (that would be you! :D) about this dilemma of mine.
You can suggest anything really. Random things, rants, more detailed reviews, anything! Comment away! :)

I am very much eager to hear your thoughts and opinions.
We can definitely meet somewhere in the middle, I hope.

Until the next time!
Have a fabulous day ahead!


  1. I'd love to see more entries of reviews of local drugstore brands.

    Also, more blog entries about featuring make up mistakes and quick solutions or how to avoid them. You can make it a series :)

  2. do tag posts haha! would love to hear more about you. :D

    about your favorite makeup items, your recommendations, outfits, etc... ;)

  3. HI Noe! It's okay, blogging is actually, for me, more tiring than just filming! di ba? I also get lazy writing everything,and easier nman talga mag Vlog or just film urseld as u express ur thoughts or do whatever...

    I may suggest you blog anytime u feel like lang. I just find it hard to be pushing myself to write, and if Im in the mood naman to write,I can write almost anything (take note mahaba pa!) like art writing is very much based on your mood.

    ok na ang blog mo! maganda and I admire you! it has lotsa stuff in it which are so useful.

    by the way, had a gig yesterday! :) the FSerrano two way cake never failed me on my three clients! yehey! thanks for encouraging me to try it out. :) GO Noe! THis thing youre doing is good, just enjoy and never let yourself be stresed out of it. Because your dear readers will still keep coming back and waiting for your next posts!

    God be blessed as He blesses you more!

  4. Hi Rae! Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely consider it :)

  5. Hey Sugar! :)
    People are asking me to post more about myself now. I'll definitely consider it. Thank you so much for the suggestion!

  6. Hello Jorelli
    I most definitely agree with the writing when the mood strikes. I can write a whole book when I feel like it. LOL I'd definitely keep that in mind. I don't want my posts to seem like default and mechanical. It's just unfair for my readers you know.

    Thank you for the very encouraging words dear. People like you really motivate me to keep doing what I do best with utmost passion :) Thank you again


Your thoughts are highly appreciated!

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