Monday, September 12, 2011

Dolled Up Makeup Studio & Supply Opening (DollFace Cosmetics)

Saturday, September 10, marked the opening of Dolled Up Makeup Studio and Supply. As many of you know, Dolled Up is owned by the sole proprietor of the well-known DollFace Cosmetics brand, Pearl Sarcauga. 

It was an honor and privilege to be there along with other famous personalities in Cebu and also family & friends of Pearl. The opening was very successful.

This is the beautiful interior of the studio. It looks different as of the moment because of the other furnitures they placed for the opening.

BTW, Janah and I particularly LOVE the Carbonara served during the event.

You can see here all of the companies that are consigning with Dolled Up.
They have Dollface Cosmetics (of course), Charm Brushes from Beauty & Minerals,  GLAM BOX and NYX Lipsticks.
The shop has this "menu" type of brochure that allows you to easily browse through their products which I find very helpful when you want to weigh your options.

This area right here is the Studio proper. You can see huge mirrors and the perfect lighting designed by Pearl herself.
 Makeup classes will be held in this area and the likes.

I really love the interior design of the studio because of its minimalist and clean feel to it. It also reminds of me of the Chapman Sisters (PIXIWOO) Studio in London. Very chic and stylish.


(credits to Janah for the Photo)

Pearl, Janah, Kristine, Kim, Raine and I

Anne Uy and I
It felt really nice to see Anne again. Even after all the projects we've done, I still feel starstrucked whenever I see her. Yes, I am such a fan. 

(credits to Janah for the Photo)

Pearl and I

(credits to Janah for the Photo)

And of course, Janah and I

Congratulations to Dollface Cosmetics! I wish them all the best. 
I know the brand will continue to prosper and grow. Who knows, they may be a household name in Philippine Cosmetics in future. *wink

If you live in Cebu or if you are visiting, please do visit Dolled Up! makeup & supply. Here is a map for your convenience.

Until next time!
Stay happy and Healthy.
Have a fabulous day ahead!


  1. So exited to go there. Next year nga lang sa sinuylog. Will drop on the store and hope to see you girl.

  2. you look more of Mocha-ish to me :p

  3. You look stunning in here :)
    Tina Roa was there! I follow her blog.

  4. Just wanted to say that I'm a fan :) I would always check out gurus makeup tutorials and it's such a treat to find a fellow bisaya doing her thing and kickin' ass! If I happen to be in your neck of the woods I'd def check out the store. God bless

  5. Can you give a review on their products? The palettes and brushes please? I wanna buy make up palettes and brushes but idk what brands are good. Im from cebu too btw.


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