Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Day: Miracles

Have you ever encountered the Facebook application
 "God wants you to know"?
Well, I have been visiting that app every once and a while now and somehow whatever it is that it says hits the bull's eye.
Call it fate, destiny or just plain coincidence. The application really does speak of great things and its one of the reasons why I like Facebook.

Just a few minutes ago, I visited the app and sought out what "God wanted me to know" today. The message said
" Do not wait for miracles. You're life is already a miracle"
I smiled when I read the sentence.
It just so happened that I was praying a few days back how I need a miracle and yet here's a message from God saying my life is already a miracle.

I was moved, humbled and even more determined. Sometimes in life we frustrate ourselves searching for something that's already there. 
It's like chasing our own tails; foolish and pointless.
The quote made me realize how blessed I am to have this life and to be able to live it. And how brief our stay here is; how long eternity will be.
This consoles me to become better and to work even harder not just for myself but for the people that I love.
Every opportunity that God gave me is a gift and I intend to make those gift flourish and blossom into a beautiful flower.
The journey is tough but it'll definitely shape me to become a better person.

My friend, I'm typing this entry in order to send a message to you.
You are a miracle. Be a miracle to someone in your own way and in the process, show them how they too are  miracles in their own rights. 

Let us not be consumed with our frustrations and disappointments. 
We only have one life to live. Live it filled with love, faith and hope. 

May this blog entry inspire you in some way.
And may God bless you abundantly.


  1. Great message Noe ^_^ I have also read a similar passage back then when I was reading the purpose driven life.

    We really don't need to look for a miracle since being able to wake up healthy everyday IS a miracle.

    Much Love!

    -- Alice


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