Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review: GEO Berry Holic CM-957 (Turquoise)

REVIEW: GEO Berry Holic CM - 957 (Turquoise)
I'm a huge fan of the Berry Holic series from GEO. I find that the colors give a natural illusion.
I wear contacts like an accesory. Contacts really do make a difference with looks especially if you have plain dark brown eyes.
They give that extra omph. And you all know how I want, how I need an extra omph. 

Review of the Product
 VISION : 4.5

OVER-ALL : 4.5

The color is just amazing. Makes you look biracial like a photo shoot from ANTM on a season I can't remember. FABULOUS! Though the comfort and vision may be a little hazy, I still love the pair.

Too bad they're torn.
Yes. FML.

You can get this pair  and other amazing lenses at 

Special thanks to the awesome shop for sending the pair!

Here are the pictures with me using the pair:

First-hand look on my next tutorial. Think BIG hair and BIG eyes.

I also wore it during a photoshoot for Sugar Kissed accesories with Anne Uy
See, it registers well on photos. Just FABULOUS!

My long hair. How I miss you. Yeah, well a little :p
Makes me look imported right? LOL Just kidding

Peace & God bless! 
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Until the next one!

Stay happy and Healthy.

Have a fabulous day ahead!


  1. Beautiful lenses and you look gorgeous.

  2. I agree that you look "imported" :) Stay fab, Noe!

  3. I agree you look "imported" ;) Stay fab, Noe!

  4. Angayan kay ka!


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