Friday, May 4, 2012

Z Palette from The Makeup Suite

If you watch Kandee Johnson in YouTube, you would know how much she raves about her 
Z Palettes. I heard about it from her in fact. This palette is really nifty especially when you own single eye shadows. No matter what brand or color, you can store them neatly in this compartment that's magnetic. Pretty cool huh?

Here's how it looks from the back!

How does it work?

The left side is where the magnet sheet is. Single eye shadows are placed there as well with a magnetic sticker attached to the back that also comes with the package.
I can't really show you since I can't depot any eye shadows as of now since I don't own individual shadows but when I do, I'll definitely post it.

More photos!

You get free cases and stickers that will help your eye shadow to stick to the magnetic sheet.
Pretty cool isn't it?

You can get Z Palettes from The Makeup Suite 
which opens tomorrow!
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