Friday, September 21, 2012

Final College Intramurals 2012

Hey, Friends!
I've been completely MIA for a whole week due to our University Days or a.k.a. Intramurals Week. We all know that Intramurals week is the only time in the year we, students, get the chance to relax and enjoy friendly games. It's done essentially to replenish a student's mind and body to avoid burn-out. 

This year is my last year in college. I wanted to spend my last year really well and make tons of memories before I leave my beloved Alma mater. Because of that, I made it a point to thoroughly enjoy this week with my berks and to take as many photos as possible.

I'm sharing a few photos from my epic week. As always, I want you guys to be a part of my journey. I enjoy my life as a beauty blogger and YouTube Beauty Guru, quite thankful for it really, but here is the normal college girl side of me I want you all to see. 

This photo was taken during the Championship Basketball Game between The College of Commerce and the College of Arts and Sciences - the college where I belong. Two of my best buddies belong the team so, naturally we went to every game, screaming our butts off.
These are a few of the people I have the pleasure of calling friends. They keep me grounded. We're crazy as hell but somehow I can't imagine life without them.

We went ALL OUT, as you can tell. These signs were made by yours truly out of old calendars we had lying around the house. We wanted to be full-force supporters for the CAS Basketball team. We knew how much winning the championship meant to all of the players that's why we did not hesitate to show our love and support.

And of course, they won. CHAMPIONS,baby! 
As tradition, they huddled together and said a prayer for thanksgiving.

One of the things I pride on being a Josenian is the bond we students have with our teachers. The environment that we are exposed to is very nurturing. We get to hone our skills under such immense care from our teachers which in turns makes  the learning experience is more meaningful.
 The man with the gray shirt on the right is a great example. He may look quite simple but mind you he is the person behind the successes of our department. Our very own DDr. Raymundo C. Rosada, Chair of the Department of Psychology and Library Information Science . We like to call him "Amahan sa kanunayng panabang" or Father of Perpetual Help. I will always be grateful for this man and his efforts. I'm so proud to be one of his students. 

More crazy photos! 

I learned during the week the value of being a normal person, able to enjoy the simplest things in life. Sometimes, we get caught up with these superficial ideas and how they can make us forget about the more meaningful bits of our existence. I have to be honest, doing YouTube videos and blogging online can demand so much of your time and yourself. Everything is so fast paced that you tend to forget about those little trinkets that make life so beautiful. That's why I wanted to set aside my beauty blogger shoes and bask in normality. 

The best things in life are free. Cliche as it may sound but it's true. Laughing, dancing, playing, loving - these are the things that are the most precious gifts you can bestow and receive. 

This week has taught me so much about life and love. It has taught me to remain faithful and to continually be grateful for all these little moments that make up my life.  I hope that I'm not boring you with this post but I felt compelled to share these revelations to all of you in the hopes that you too would be enlightened. 

Makeup can only do as much as it can but it's your soul that shines from within that makes you truly beautiful. 

Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy.

I send all my love to you now as you are reading this. Be blessed!


  1. ang cute nyo po sa lat photo! :)) Wacky!

  2. Nice pics! Luv it! :) nakakatuwa kayo! Godbless! :)

  3. I like it when you show your "normal side". Stay happy! :)

  4. i miss USJR... your photos are nostalgic for me... im a josenian as well... ece batch 2008 =)

  5. i miss USJR... your photos are nostalgic for me... im a josenian as well... ece batch 2008 =)


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