Sunday, December 2, 2012

TOP 10 | Christmas Wish List

Hey, friends!
Today I wanted to share with all of you my Christmas Wish List. I wanted to make a list this year not only because I haven't done this but I also wanted to know what your wish list comprises of. Super exciting right? I'll be listing TOP 10 items I wish I can have on Christmas!

1. Kat Von D Lock It Concealer and Foundation
I am a HUGE fan of Kat Von D, her works and her makeup line. I chose both of these purely because I am in dire need of them. Seriously, this product is the SHIZNIT. It would be so awesome to own ANYTHING by Kat Von D to be honest. These two are just my favorite. And look at the packaging, isn't that just sick?! LOVE IT!

images from

2. Canon EF 50mm Lens 
This particular lens is great for product shoots, filming, self-portraits --basically it's suited for my line of work. The really great thing about this is it's not THAT expensive. Although many of my friends say that they lens is made up of plastic --it ain't sturdy. However, I still love and want to have this lens. It would make a HUGE difference in my outputs. Oh how I wish...
image from

3. Makeup Train-case with LED Lights
Any makeup artist would tell you that having a train-case with legs and lights in them is a HOLY GRAIL. It enables you to do makeup even without tables and proper lighting. I personally would love to have this addition to my business since it is for my clients and for them to experience high quality treatment no less. This particular one is from Dollface Cosmetics
images from Dollface Cosmetics

4.   Softbox Lighting Kit
I'm always on the hunt for quality products that would help my "business" immensely. This particular kit would level up the make-shift lighting that I already use. I love doing videos and photography as well. I see this kit  as very versatile so I can get value out of my money since I won't be using it for YouTube or Blogger only. All in all, the quality of my outputs would get a huge upgrade so I truly NEED this not just want.

image from

5. MACbook PRO
This type of laptop works VERY well with people who are in the same business that I'm in and a lot of creative artists would agree with me on this. Everything is easier and you get to have a mile long of possibilities when creating things. I have been a windows user for many years now and I will still be however, this laptop is THE best tool I can have for my line of work. Oh, how I wish! Santa, HEAR ME!!!

6. Boyce Avenue Merchandise
If you follow me on twitter and instagram, you may be well aware of my incessant and quite disturbing obsession with Boyce Avenue (especially Alejandro Manzano). Aside from their obvious delectable good looks, I became a legit fan when I saw how incredibly talented these guys are. The brothers are  great role models in my opinion. If you do a little research about them, you'd know what I'm talking about. I have downloaded most of their songs via iTunes to show, in one way, how much they move me. All I want for Christmas is Alejandro to be honest! LOL but a BA shirt or merch will do. For now

images from Boyce Avenue
7. Taylor 114CE Acoustic guitar
Not a lot of people know this but I actually play the guitar.
Although I have not been playing for a long time now but I still play whenever I can. This particular guitar is one of my dream guitars to have the other one is a classic Gibson les Paul preferably in RED lol. This is such a great acoustic guitar. It makes you want to play more often. You don't want to put this down. Also, I've learned that Boyce Avenue uses a lot of Taylor Guitars which makes me want this MORE.

image from

8. Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2 Palettes
I have seen this everywhere on YouTube and Blogger for so long now and I want to own both palettes so bad. They offer really good selections of neutrals with shimmers and you know me, I love my neutrals! I need not say more. Every makeup fan would know how insanely good these palettes are.

image from

I collect shoes. From snickers to pumps, I have them. I'm not brand conscious but what I look for are comfort and the workmanship (durability) of the pair. However, I have ONE  pair in particular that I LONG to own. It's far fetched but hey, a girl can dream. They are no other than, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINS also known as red-bottom heels. I'm a girl and I like shoes. That's the only reason I can give. LOL!
image from

10.  A Car (RED)
I swear I was born to drive. Or not but hey, I feel that I was born to drive. What better way to enjoy driving if you have your very own car. The cars I tend to like are small ones like the Mazda 2, Kia Soul and of course, a Mini Cooper. They all need to be RED. Red is my favorite color and my mom's too.  

images from

And, those are my 2012 Christmas Wish list! I honestly had to sit down and think of what things I'd love to receive on Christmas. I never thought it would be difficult but I made it out alive. Hopefully, some of these items will be given by Santa this Christmas. They are actually ranked so you'd know which ones I NEED and WANT.

Comment below and tell me your top 10 Christmas Wish list too! Let's spread the love and cheer this coming Yuletide season.

See you on the next one.
Stay happy and healthy.
Have a FABULOUS day ahead!


  1. I like your Christmas wishlist (esp Alejandro, oh sorry I mean boyce avenue merch haha). I didn't include any gadgets in my wishlist for this year, but if I did it would be the same as yours. :)

    1. Gadgets are sort of what I need as of the moment but anything would do really :) Oh yes, Alejandro (insert accent) <3

  2. hi noe! i have a friend who sells authentic UD naked palettes and she's just here in cebu. you can find her on facebook and instagram ,ES_online. i guarantee the authenticity of her products. you can also request her any brand of makeup you wish to order from her.

    ÜÜ stay happy ÜÜ

  3. Hi noe! You can see sellers of that nifty fifty lens at buy & sell section ( It just easily gets sold even if it's 2nd hand hehe. I also got mine when a photographer sold hers.

    I hope you get yours this christmas :)

  4. I also love the KAT Von D foundation and concealer! Ghad and the Louboutin heels! I die!! :D

  5. I also love the KAT Von D foundation and concealer. holy grail indeed! and the Louboutin heels!!! OMG I die!

  6. Nice. Very good list! =)


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