Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NOE SPEAKS | Ben Nye Cover-all Concealer

Hi, friends!
Today, I will be officially launching my NEW review segment named "Noe Speaks". The whole idea behind this segment revolves around my honest and unbiased thoughts about products regardless if I bought it with my own money or sponsored. Also in this segment, I will be showing FIRST HAND products that are NEW and upcoming in the market.
 So,  let's start off with Ben Nye SK-1 Cover-all concealer !

Product Overview   SK-1 Cover-All Wheel
                          14 g (5 oz)
            Available at The Style Quarter


                   The concealer wheel is definitely convenient if you are a makeup artist. Ben Nye is a very makeup artist friendly company to begin with. However, they do not compensate anything for quality. The effectivity of the correctors and concealers is highly commendable. It's also great for personal use especially if you have a lot of high color and discolouration on your face that you want to cover. I'm impressed with the consistency and coverage of the product. I will be purchasing more shades of concealers from Ben Nye.

  1. Compact
  2. Consistency
  3. Coverage
  4. Staying on Power
  5. Does not crease 
  6. Can be used without powder
  7. Color selection

  1. Tends to melt due to extreme heat (weather of the PH)

I hope this product review gave you a good idea about this particular product. If you have questions, comments or requests, comment below!

See you on the next one.
Stay happy and healthy.
Have a FABULOUS day ahead!


  1. Hi Noe. Ive read your blog and I find this very interesting. I ordered Ben Nye Banana Powder and concealer SK-1 online and it seems what I got is Ben Nye Media Pro HD SK-11 Tattoo Cover-All. Do you have any idea how this differs with SK-1? Should this be applied differently or something? Im not sure if this is more opaque coz this is my first time getting the product. I was trying to get SK-1 but they look exactly the same. I can find any comparison online. I'll appreciate a feedback. Thanks for the great tutorials!


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