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NOE SPEAKS | CHIC Synthetic Kabuki Set Review

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Today's post is all about a fantastic synthetic kabuki set that is a close dupe for the Sigma Kabuki set. It is the Chic Synthetic Kabuki Set from Chic Cosmetics Manila! Read more about the product... 

"This 5-pc set includes: Flat Kabuki Brush --- Ideal for applying liquid or cream products to the face. It can also be used to apply your face primers." 

Right off the bat, the resemblance of this set with the Sigma ones is uncanny. From the ferule to the handle, it is a sure dupe. The question now remains on the quality of the brush hair and if they are as good as the Sigma ones. Let go through each brushes one by one to find out.

"Angled Kabuki-- It can be used for buffing cream blush or for highlighting and contouring . "
 - Chic Cosmetics Manila

I am a huge fan of angled brushes because of their versatility when it comes to makeup application. This particular Angled brush is definitely one of my favorites. Its density isn't as thick as the Sigma Angled Kabuki however, it does a very good job at blending. I especially like to use this for buffing my foundation and with the slant on the brush, it allows me to get into the crevasses of my face. Using brush for contouring is great and as well as blush. Over-all it is a handy brush to have.

I got 2 of this kind so you better check if you have all 5 brushes if you plan to purchase.

"Tapered Kabuki--Perfect for applying cream and liquid foundations onto the harder to reach contours of the face. This brush can also be used for contouring defined areas of the face. "
- Chic Cosmetic Manila

Precision is the best word to describe this brush. If you want to define the hallows of your face more, this is the brush to use. I have to say it is a little technical however its a great tool to have nevertheless. Blending is not a problem at all because of the soft bristles. I have not used it for foundation but it can be good for it too.

"Round Kabuki-- Ideal for applying mineral or liquid foundation especially onto round areas of the face (under the eyes, around the nose, around the mouth, neck area)"
- Chic Cosmetics Manila

BY FAR BY FAVORITE BLUSH BRUSH. I adore this brush to pieces. I use it for my blush, powder, contour and foundation. The density of the brush is perfect for using it practically anywhere. It's not too stiff so you get to buff product nicely on your skin and the round shape lets you achieve a flawless finish. 
I love it!

"Flat Angled Kabuki-- This brush works very well in applying product to the cheekbones and the nose area."
-Chic Cosmetics Manila

This brush is my go-to foundation brush. When in doubt or in a hurry and you want to achieve a flawless face, use this flat kabuki brush. Because it is synthetic, it adhere better to my liquid and cream-type foundations. It's also versatile just like the others in the set which makes you appreciate the brush set more. 

Over-all, I do recommend this brush sets to professional makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike because of the value you are getting for your investment. At P1100 for all 5 brushes. These will make your life easier and they are a great addition to your budding or established makeup collection.

You can find the CHIC Synthetic Kabuki Set ONLY at Chic Cosmetics Manila. Don't forget to show your love by hitting LIKE!

I hope this product review gave you a good idea about this particular product. If you have questions, comments or requests, comment below!

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  2. these reminds me of the Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit, but it's a great alternative! considering the price ^_^

  3. Hi Noe! Do you have a review about the brush set you bought from Chic Cosmetics? You also showed that on your April Makeup Haul


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