Wednesday, July 10, 2013

REVIEW | Blossom Cosmetics BB Cream + SURPRISE at the end

Here are the swatches of the product at the back of my hand.

And here is the before and after shot of my face wearing the Blossom Cosmetics BB Cream!

I highly recommend everyone to join my giveaway so you'll get the chance to experience the how impressive this product is. Follow the following steps:

Blossom Cosmetics BB Cream Giveaway Instructions:

1. LIKE Facebook Pages of Blossom Cosmetics KOREA ( & Colorismyweapon by Noe Mae (
2. Post a status on Blossom Cosmetics' page ( with the following format:
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1. Follow @noemaevillagee
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- You can enter as many times as you like just make sure to follow the steps correctly. 
- WINNERS must contact me ASAP with your mailing address to
- WINNERS will be announced every SATURDAY via Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
Giveaway starts today and ends AUGUST 10, 2013

See you on the next one.
Stay happy and healthy.
Have a FABULOUS day ahead!


  1. Nice Post and Yay, giveaway!

  2. The BB Cream looks natural on you.. I would love to try that.. Hope I win the giveaway! *fingercross* :))

  3. How much is the BB cream? :) I can't play back the video, my internet sux. :(


  4. Hi! this is totally off topic but how to you like the james cooper cake eyeliner, and how does it compare to gel liners? Can it really be used to tightline or does it smudge at the end of the day?

  5. Is this locally available?

    Btw, I'm having a giveaway on my blog. Win LOTS OF AWESOME ACCESSORIES FROM MISS LITRATISTA ! Giveaway ends on August 31!

    Chamee of PIXELS AND TALES

  6. This BB cream costs about P500-ish if I remember correctly. It's SPF 50 and completely blendable. It's a great product and very good at hiding imperfections. I didn't have any reaction like having pimples or blackheads with the product and I use this everyday as a base layer for any make-up. unfortunately, the only negative thing about this product is after 3-4 hours, I have to retouch with a powder because it makes m face oily. One workaround is I put a mattifying layer of foundation on top of the BB cream and another layer of mineral powder. I'm not sure if that's fine in the professional make-up world but it works for me. ~kat,24

  7. BB Cream now in MOUSSE form!!

  8. BB Cream now in MOUSSE form!!

  9. Hi, I want to try this product as well.. Currently I'm using Etude House BB cream and I'm so in love with it... ♥♥

  10. Hi, I want to try this bb cream as well.. Currently I am using Etude House bb cream and I'm so in love with it.. ♥♥


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