Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Featured Celebrity: Megan Fox Tutorial

before applying your make up, take a pea-size amount of any moisturizer you have and lip balm. For this i used Celeteque and Chapstick

after, apply a foundation that gives you medium coverage.
I used Ever bilena's Pro Foundation in Gold.

Apply concealer on dark areas and imperfections. Matte out the look by brushing on powder, compact or loose, on the face then apply a highlighter.
i used Rimmel's recover, Maybelline's clear smooth face powder
and Rimmel's dare bare in beachy queen

Apply a gold shimmery color on your lids and blend the harsh edges
keeping it close to th lids as possible

Select a warm chocolate brown color and apply it in an outer V on the eyes. concentrate on contouring the crease making it a bit darker on the outer part. on top of it apply a shimmery dark gold color to add shine. do the same onto the buttom lashes.

Apply black eye-liner near the lashline as possible and making it thicker on the outer corner of the eye.

Define the eyebrows. since Megan is known for her sultry eyebrows, you need to fill them and shape them perfectly. i used Nichido's Dark brown eyeliner pencil

Curl your lashes and apply mascara.

Apply false eye-lashes for added glamour

Apply a pink blush on the apples of you cheeks.

baby pink lipstick and lipgloss.
i used Rimmels Dreamy and lipgloss, Breathless

and there you go! the final look =)

hope this helps you alot!
Have a great day!

with love,

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