Tuesday, January 5, 2010

NEW STUFF! Contacts and Shoes!

finally! got my new contacts just this morning. yey! im so happy. it was quite a bargain compared to other contacts out there and i ordered it online.

they're called angel contacts. the name speaks for itself. you'll look like an angel lol

comes in a package like this

i choose the grey color.
available colors are colors. violet, blue, green, brown and grey.

if you're interested then add this person in facebook and tell her you wanna order it
(Local: Philippines only)

I GOT NEW PAIR OF KICKS! c/o my dad =)
they're DC jersey city w70 shoes.
im addicted to kickers.
even if they're pumps,wedges,stilettos,shoes etc I LOVE 'EM
hahaha so here's my new girl

aint she pretty? hahaha

with my NY cap. didnt buy it, twas only given. they look nice dont they?

whee cant wait what else i can collect=)

with love,

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