Friday, January 1, 2010


new years marks a fresh new beginning and in line with the seasons theme, i will start my own blog! *yey! whoo

this blog will cover everything that has to do with the beauty industry. i'll be doing the usual tutorials that will be posted on youtube (please subcribe COLORismyweapon ), reviews, thoughts, comments, news that i want everyone to know and loads more. i'm current in the Philippines right now and most of the products i use are manufactured here so it would be a perk to all of the Filipino audience when i do tutorials or reviews for people who dont live in the Philippines they might think that this is such a waste of time. i respect everyones opinion and you are born free to say what you want. i am really doing this to help people in my own hometown how to look good and feel good. it's entirely up to you if you read my blog or watch my videos. we never know you might discover something new and exciting =) so, here's to an awesome year of blogging! can't wait to start.

with love,

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