Friday, January 15, 2010

make GREEN our weapon!

start your make-up with a bare and clean face.
put on moisturizer before doing anything.
for this look, i placed foundation after i've done
 the eyes if there are fall-outs, i wont mess up my base =)
here we go! 

prime your eyes with a concealer or if you have urban decays primer potion the better. 
for my case,
 i used rimmel's recover concealer.
apply it on your lids 
and lower lash line then 
pat gently with your clean finger

for base, i used a white eyeliner
 all over my lid and created the shape
 that i want the eyes to be.
also, highlight your 
brow bone and inner tear duct.

intensify the color by adding shimmering white e/s where the eyeliner was applied. 
choose a mint green color and brush in through your crease =)

add a lighter green color underneath the mint green e/s and keep it subtle and soft.

now, pick a yellow e/s and brush it in the inner corners of the eyes to give a gradient effect from the green.
blend away! =)

for dimension, add a dark green
 e/s with black.
this completes the gradient effect. 

make a cat-eye using a gel liner, wet eyeliner or whatever floats your boat in 
applying black liner. 

curl your lashes and apply mascara.
lashes are a MUST!
for this i used 2 =)

here's how both eyes look =)

 define the brows.
keep them just right.
not too skinny, not too full.
apply you foundation, conceal if necessary and powder for a flawless finish

    apply a highlighter for the cheeks and a very pink blush just on the outer
 area of your cheek bones.
for lips, a nude color 
and gold shimmering lipgloss


green is definitely IN

kudos for my hairstyle and cool self-made headband!

hope this was helpful to you!

with love,



  1. nice look!
    i just posted a green/silver look on my blog.

  2. thanks!=) green and silver look really lovely too.=) thank u for the comment!


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