Friday, January 8, 2010

My Featured Celebrity: Megan Fox Tutorial Look no. 2

    start of the face by cleaning it using a toner.
    i used Ponds pinkish white toner.

apply foundation, concealer and powder =)

when your face is fully prepped,
select a dark gold shade.
apply all over the lids.

select a champagne color 

or a highlighter color and apply it on the inner corners of the eyes.

a taupe color shade is best to really replicate the photo but since i do not have a taupe color at hand, i used a medium brown shade and applied it on the outer V of my eye

blend blend blend =)

apply liquid eyeliner or eyeliner or gel liner which ever floats your boat =) and create a slight cat-eye and connect it to the lower lash line and stop in the middle and apply white eyeliner

curl your lashes and apply mascara. if you want, add false lashes for a more close replica of the photo =)

define the brows. =)

apply a pink blush in the corners of your cheeks and pale pink lipstick to complete the look

                                                          THE FINAL LOOK =)

hope you enjoyed as much as i did. =)

with love,

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  1. Wow, you looked hotter than her, in fact. Thanks for the tutorial! :)


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