Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beauty with a Purpose by Noe Mae V.

I've always believed that people we're made unique and one of a kind. even identical twins have subtle hints of differences. these differences vary from being an asset or a liability. some feel confident being themselves while others, unfortunately, do not. we have to embrace and love who we are, inside and out, flaws and all. physical appearance will matter in different occasions but its not what's important. 
beauty radiating inside will always surface above all imperfection. 
makeup, for me, becomes a gateway to reveal how much beauty you have inside. its a medium that allows a person to see that this was just there all along and you and other people around you failed to notice. seeing faces light up when they see a drastic change for the better in the way they look when i just brought out what they already have fuels me to spread more love and more cheer to these women and to everyone. 

that's why im here to spread love and cheer, especially here in my homeland, the Philippines. im determined to help Filipina's embrace their own beauty and know how to enhance their looks and be confident to face any challenges the modern world prompts. like the latest campaign of the ever so motivating Ms. Tyra Banks, beauty, inside and out (BIO) , pushed me to do all this. that's why, if your reading, support this blog and my channel as i will cater to the needs of every Filipina with locally made products but not only Filipinas, every woman around the world who needs a little helping hand.
 i will gladly extend them with open arms and an open heart.
that is my beauty with a purpose.

with the grace of our Lord, may i be given loads of opportunity
 with this cause which i put my heart and my soul in.

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noe mae v. 

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