Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GAGA for GAGA again

hey hey hey! =)
i cannot, i repeat, i CANNOT! get enough of LADY GAGA
she is truly an inspiration.
although, others dont think of her that way lol
but what the hay! i LOVE her for being a role model to people 
like me who seem a bit out of the ordinary.
and that's a VERY good thing.

i made a short message for her at the end of the video.
i had to tell her how she is a huge bulk of why i want to do avant-garde and just embrace myself for who i am and if they cant accept it, they can go to HADES! lol
the video's are long and i intended them to be that way
 because i wanted it to be very detailed for your benefit o'course.
i am VERY meticulous when it comes to makeup.
everything just has to be PERFECT sometimes.
right? o_O 

moving on..

enjoy the videos you guys!
made it special just for you!
and oh, tell you friends about it too, yeah?


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