Tuesday, March 23, 2010

REVIEW: HEBREWS restaurant/coffee shop

hi hello everyone!
hope everyone is doing good =)
im back with another review and this time it will be about my recent food trip with my most beloved cousins.
we went to this restaurant/coffee shop named HEBREWS.

my cousin introduced us to that place because of its perks and privileges when you become a member of some sort. 
they give you coupons you can use every time you dine there.
when you order a meal you get another one for FREE as long as it's less than the other meals amount.
same thing goes for drinks. 
they have coupons for free brewed coffee and breakfast meals too.

here's a sample of their coupons.

moving on to the food.

well, in full honesty, the food was ordinary. nothing fancy at all. 
the drink i ordered was "LEMON TEA" and i loved it.
it was really TEA with LEMON which is the whole point for the beverage.
their BEEF TENDERLOIN QUESADILLAS was a mouthful but all the rest we're plain.
the food didnt really excite my senses.
i haven't tired their pastries and coffee yet but im just giving my opinion based from what we ordered only.

so, in conclusion, i'd give the restaurant/coffee shop a 7.
the ambiance was relaxing, decor couldnt be more chic but then again food quality wise, 
it didnt really amaze me.

if you want to try this food chain out and i suggest you do,
it is located at Sky Rise 3, I.T. PARK, Lahug,Cebu City 

'till next time guys!


noe mae v.

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