Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my ULTIMATE Beauty Secret

hi hello everyone!

i've been blogging about beauty; how important it is to take care of your skin, makeup how-to's and just tips and tricks on how to be beautiful physically. all of these things, all these products and items we buy to improve how we look are very temporal. they will eventually pass.
 it matters but its  not what really matters MOST.

i've always believed that beauty from the inside matters most.
if you take care of your soul as much as you take care of your self then you are just BEAUTIFUL to me.
if you live life with love and always have faith you are just BEAUTIFUL to me.
if you give all that you have and never expect anything in return you are just BEAUTIFUL to me.

i find the most insignificant things, for some people, beautiful 
and sadly, i feel sorry for them who do not see these small things.
. they are missing out on what truly is important and fulfilling.
Remember that these material possessions cannot and will never make a person truly joyful.
not a brand new car, a huge house, the best clothes, none of those.
it is through the little things that make anyone's life full of meaning and substance that they find genuine joy.

so, here i am today. still at it; teaching you what i know about beauty, giving you tips and tricks.
all i can say to you is that embrace who you are, how you are made, flaws and all.
know that there is a God up there who loves you so much that he took the time to create you. 
it is He who deserve all you love, attention and praises.
be thankful and grateful for what you have.
be humble in times of prosperity and patient in times of instability. 
Love and be loved in return.
most importantly, always Pray.

those are my secrets to a better life.
a life filled with joy and love
there is no need to go to the mall and buy things for you to experience this. you just need yourself and God in your heart to guide you and my friend, you will be the most BEAUTIFUL person who ever walked this earth.
Beauty that radiates from within.
and a Beauty that is beyond riches of this world.


noe mae v.

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