Thursday, April 1, 2010

Haul & Review

hi hello everyone!

i know im not suppose to be on the computer right now but i just had to do this haul.

i was so excited because finally i bought my favorite GEL LINER from FRANNY SERANO

i had my eye on this for such a long time and i wanted to really make sure i was getting a good deal from this
so i kept testing it out and continually ask the sales lady about the product.
she really knew what she was talking about and i could really say that because im not the kind of 
person who is easily persuaded with sales talk lol
so anyway, the consistency is just right.
and for Php 200+ it was a good deal, i tell you.
its very easy to put on and it stays there for a very long time.
its a product worth investing. 
it was a good deal and i was very happy =)

next, i bought a new angled brush.
like what michelle phan said, what is a good gel liner if you brush cannot perform well.

the bristle are soft but has a bit of a 'give' to it so you can definitely make strong angular strokes with it.
this is from FRANNY SERANO still and is Php 150.

moving on, i bought a new loose powder. 

this is from NICHIDO and its in the shade SO NATURAL.
i had to get this one because the first one i bought, GO BRONZE, had too many glitter specs in it. 
though it looked beautiful and hardly noticeable on pictures, i still dont feel comfy with glitter specs on my face -_-

next, i bought baby wipes =) 

i had to grab one of them because they were on sale and you get to take one for free.
yey! i love a good bargain.
i use baby wipes because it is more practical than getting the pro makeup wipes.
to get it to remove makeup easier, you just squeeze a few ounces of makeup remover and your good to go

next, i bought a matte lipstick and lipgloss

i loved the lipstick that my dear friend of mine has.


check out her blog and her channel

so i had to get one of those matte lipsticks from EVER BILENA.
i got the shade SKIN and on top of that i bought sort of the same shade lipgloss from LA COLORS

its in the shade BEIGE DELIGHT

this is how the lipstick looks like...

here's what it looks like with lip gloss on..

lastly, my dear friend SAY did a tutorial with acrylic nails and i really liked it so i went out and bought 
one for myself

aint it just pretty? and very very neat.
the adhesive that comes with the acrylic nails are horrific for your nails.
i had to take it off right when i was done taking pictures and all.

so, if you wanna learn how to put these babys on, check out SAY's tutorial for this

Thank you say for the awesome tutorial!

that's it you guys.
till next time!
and oh!
dont forget to SUB!


noe mae v.


  1. I love gel liners over any other kind! Though, I have not heard of that brand. Is it only sold in the Philippines? I love the way you apply makeup!

  2. Love the lipstick and the gel eyeliner...:D
    thanks for following :D

  3. i love your eye gel liners . seems good.. ^^
    nice to meet you

  4. hey sophia, yes it is only sold here in the Philippines but i guess you can find it online too. =)

  5. ipehishere it is good =) addicted to it actually lol thank you for the sweet compliment


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