Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SUMMER must-haves! & FOTD

hey everybody!

today, im gonna share to you summer must-have items in your wardrobe.
i organized them myself and this is all according to my taste and what i think is best for this season.
i know everyone has their own unique style, this will only be a guide for you to have an idea of this season's trendy looks and outfits.

lets start with the FACE =)

keep everything clean and simple.
define brows lighlty and be a minimalist.
if you want a dash of color, choose a PINK matte lipstick to keep your look fresh and in style.
here, i used my favorite lipstick IN PINK by ESTEE LAUDER


keep a pair in hand. the suns rays are very harmful on a regular basis, how much more during summer. when wearing sunglasses make sure they cover your eyes and your under-eye area. this will assure you that they will be out of the suns harmful rays.
you can look fashionable and at the same time protect your skin!
and oh! a good MOISTURIZER & SUNSCREEN will help too especially this season =)


floral pleated skirts and dresses
 arent only the "in" thing this season.
denims and boyfriend shirts are
 making its way into the cat walk as well.
if you have a shirt that is several 
sizes bigger than you, KEEP IT!
now would be the best time to wear it.
make it fit you not the other way around.
twist the back to give more curve, tuck it in to minimize the loose-ness and pair it with striking pieces like bold earrings, necklaces or fancy shoes.
i got this top from
 ARTWORK and this was on S-A-L-E =) 

necklaces that make a BOLD statement 
is always a big part of any seasons accessory.
i've been seeing the likes of PIXIWOO & HOLLYANNAEREE (guru's from youtube) wearing striking necklaces. their quite beautiful and theyfinish you look quite nicely.
i got these necklaces from 138.
you wouldnt believe i got these necklases for Php 100 all 3 of them. o_O 


faded, bleached or plain. denim shorts will always be a HUGE part of my summer wardrobe.
they can be very versatile if you know how to work with them.
pair them with blouses,shirts and etc you'll look trendy and edgy at the same time.
these shorts are from MANGO 

BTW, see my baller? I AM FOR GIBO =)


flip flops are a staple in my shoe rack. i have quite a few of them and i love them all.
i wear them still, on a daily basis
 but i wear them a LOT during summer.
i prefer flip flops because
 their not much of a hassle
 and they are quite comfy =)
for summer, they make 
your look SUMMER-ESQUE. 
you have tons of options f
or foot gear but for me, i choose flip flops.
these are my IPANEMA flip flops 

i am a total BAG-LOVER. i have loads and loads of bags =)
but anyway, for summer you'd need a tote bag or bags that are light weight and in medium sizes.
you dont need to stuff your bag with a lot of things just because its huge, making it look scruffy and loose will add to the look that your going for.
bags are not just inteded to carry your belongings but they are fashion statements too.
so choose your bags well.

drum roll please...


i hope this is a HELPFUL guide for you if you still dont know what to wear this summer time!

if you have anymore questions, please feel free to message me @ noemaevillagonzalo@gmail.com

i will gladly entertain them.

'till next time guys!
 and oh! please visit my channel!


noe mae v. 

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