Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Halloween Series

hi friends!
yesterday i had such a huge spare of time so i went and made a look.
i am a sucker for Disney movies, who isn't by the way? lol
so, i drew inspiration from the infamous villains from Disney films.
i chose the Evil Queen from snow white.
she is just, wow.
the epitome of evilness lol
then i had this great idea! *ding *ding *ding
before Halloween, i have to create tons (well not really alot but alot lol) of villain looks!
i'm totally psyched over the whole idea.
but for now, i have to keep saving to buy my very own DOLLFACE COSMETICS products.
which will be a huge help for me upon doing the looks.
so, without further a due here's the photo!

there you go!
i hope you'll stay tuned for my future creative looks :)

God bless you

xx noe 


  1. Haha! This is too amazing! =) You don't look like you! Great job :)

    Following you!

  2. @peachy pink sister : i wasnt expecting it to be this drastic but oh so beautiful too LOL

    @bombchell: come join in with the fun?! :)

  3. I love it!! Complete with a crown! Nice work!

    I followed you, looking forward to more posts :) Would love it if you could visit my blog too and maybe get a follow back? :) Thank you and more power!



  4. What are the contacts called ur wearing in ur underworld vampire tutorial??


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