Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Before and After MAKE-OVER!

hey my lovelies :)
I'm back and ready for more action.

so, a couple of weekends ago, my cousin and her friend had a party to go to and needed help.
i most willingly i agreed because i LOVE make-overs.
it's such a great experience to know that your hard work and labor really paid off not because you get dough afterwards but when you see that glow in their eyes and to find out they we're the stars of the night when all you did was just bring out what they already had.
it brings me so much joy when my client is happy and thrilled with the results.
now, i wanna show you some of the photos i took from my clients and see what you think :)
have a lovely blessed day guys!





all of these ladies are beautiful inside and out :)

what do you think?
i'd love to hear what you have to say


  1. Good Job! they look lovely and Beautiful!


  2. whawooooooooooo
    you all look so nice

  3. wow the brows of the first gal was magic! i wish i knew how to groom mine like that! good job!

  4. Great job on the makeovers. You are a talented young lady. :)


Your thoughts are highly appreciated!

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