Sunday, July 11, 2010

SUNDAY update

hey beautiful! :)
today is SUNDAY,my most favorite day of the week.
it's weird because its not saturday.
anyway, so this will be a little FOTD or Face and Outfit or The Day

let's start with the face! 
in full honesty, im not wearing any kind of foundation or even powder.
just concealer and a tiny amount of moisturizer.
taking care of your skin has its benefits and believe me its a major jackpot if you do.
BTW, im also not wearing contacts.
looks like i am though, right?

Rimmel Recover Concealer
Fashion 21 Duo Brow 
Nichido Lip and Cheek Tint

Lash Architect by L'oreal in Noir
Franny Serano Gel Liner

The Body Shop Lip Liner in Clover Pink

my hair is inspired by PIXIWO's Sam Chapman.
super sleek and easy to do.
it suits this outfit really well.
the whole concept reminds me of LOALDE ads here in the Philippines.

with flash.
i decided to put on a belt because the blouse didn't give me any form and for a petite girl like me that is a big no no.
To make it more faltering, i borrowed my sisters belt :)

update on my eating habits, i am officially an oats eater!
yey! :)
i decided to cut down on rice for breakfast and dinner.
lunch has to have rice in it!
but only 1 cup.
i'm eating loads of greens more now which is a good thing

thanks for reading all my non-sense blabber about my sunday :)
thanks for caring! you're AWESOME :)
'till next time.
catch to later

xx noe

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