Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarette Look

Jimena Navarette
Miss Universe 2010

dont you just love her face?
quite stunning really.
makes you go o_o

when i saw her when she first went out, i said to myself i have to recreate her look.
she was quite gentle and meek when she walked compared to all the others who were fierce and i think that's her edge right there.
My top bets were:
1. Miss Philippines (duh) Maria Venus Raj
2. Miss Ireland Rozanna Purcell
3. Miss Mexico Jimena Navarette

fortunately all of them made it through the top 10 but only Miss Ireland was missing in the top 5.

this is the look i recreated.

i went all out with the pageant hair as well lol

the eyes are simply smoked out to perfection.
black and gun metal colors are a hit with brown eyes.
they make your eyes (if their brown) pop a lot more.
and, the brows are quite angular to frame the eyes.
pale lips and bronzed cheeks finishes the look

some more pictures?

i had such an amazing time yesterday.
constantly updating recent happenings and at the same time getting nervous and shaky for Miss Philippines.
felt like home :)
because of yesterday, i remembered all my pageant days and how i wish i can go back and relive it all again.
in God's time i can have that opportunity again.

enough chatter! lol before i get emotional.
let's get on with the tutorial :)


  1. Great recreation of her look!! Eyes really pop with that make up!

  2. Miss Universe Jimena Navarrete is really a latina beauty. Congratulations!


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