Tuesday, August 10, 2010

REVIEW! Michelle Phan DIY Pore Strips

hey gorgeous! :)

Michelle Phan recently uploaded yet another DIY tutorial.
this is time, she actually made something i was totally up for which were pore strips!
i have serious white and black heads issue because of the skin type i have and i am a user of pore strips.
i am a huge fan of michelle (duh who isnt?) so i decided to try it out myself and do a review.

you can watch my whole review below but for now, i'll show you close up photos.
These are not edited nor tampered

this is totally embarrasing but i do it all for the sake of knowledge lol
so yeah, that is my pores around my nose after i took off the strip :)

you see? my white heads aren't actually pulled from my pores. 
they are just sitting there -_-
the pore strip that i buy from the drugstore does a better job at pulling out the white heads.
plus, the strip sticks like crazy on you face! peeling it off was a bit of a pain but is totally bearable.

but it did have major good points especially around my nose where it tends to get dark and oily

have an awesome day ahead


  1. Good job.. I was wondering if it worked. When Michelle did it, it looked painful when she was striping it off her nose...

  2. it is quite painful actually. its very similar to the drugstore pore strips but not as good though


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