Thursday, October 14, 2010

Asian Doll

hey gorgeous!
yesterday, i publishes my first installment for the halloween series i'm currently doing.
I was greatly inspired by the Asian ball-jointed Dolls.
you can see them here.
in that gallery you will find loads of pictures of these amazing dolls that look surreal.
their eyes are simply captivating.
that's why, i chose to do a look inspired by them.

Here is the final output.

i've kept the colors plain and simple.
white to widen the eyes and black for contour and accent.
the brown eyeshadow was only used for added depth.
i contoured the nose because dolls have tiny little noses.
doing so would help replicate the look more.
the lips are pale because dolls don't have much color on their lips.
and, a pink blush on the cheeks to finish the look off.

Ever Bilena Stick Foundation in Beige
Ever Bilene Powder Foundation in Oriental
Rimmel Blush in Rose Pink
Rimmel Recover concealer 

Fashion 21 pencil in White
L'oreal Kohl pencil in Noir
Fashion 21 color set
Dollface Cosmetics 96 color palette
GEO Lenses in Angel Grey

Sally Hansen in Baby Pink

Brushes are from Dollface Cosmetics

more photo's here

i tried it with a BOB type of hair style.
i actually like my hair short.

Have fun this halloween!
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Thank you

here's the tutorial


  1. i love this look, soo pretty :)

  2. nice look:)) i love the eyes!

    by the way, the setting powder you used, is that the ever bilena pro flawless foundation? how is it?

  3. You did a very good job capturing the look of the abjds! I own 2 and I think your look resembles this pics I took:

    BTW, asian ball-jointed dolls are from Japan, Korea and China. They aren't only Korean. The japanese were the first to make them popular.

  4. those were lovely pictures of abjds nik. i think so too! was the one on the picture a boy? super cute. ohh thank you for the info :)

  5. joice! :) the powder was just a THUMBS UP! the texture is quite fine and its just heavenly! :)

  6. It's actually a female doll tho she's a bit of a tomboy!

  7. oh!! my bad. what's her name? loooveee looveee looveee your doll :)


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