Thursday, October 14, 2010


Just this afternoon i indulged in my guiltiest pleasure, SHOPPING!
well, not really much but it was a fun afternoon.
I had to go out and buy things because i found that i was a little unprepared for my halloween looks.
Coincidentally, Watsons and Metro department store were having a SALE!
the word SALE on any shop is shear sweet music to my ears. 
Watsons is holding a 3 day sale from today to the 16th i guess.
While Metro department store is having their seasonal Beauty Fair.

Here are the lovely products i bought:

my trusted CHAP STICK in strawberry.
available @ Watsons for Php 76

this is a whitening soap from japan.
my friend tried this and it actually works.
i'll see if it does the same wonders to me.
Kojie San Soap @ Watsons for Php 50!! 3 cheers for S-A-L-E!

Lip Liner from Nichido in BLAZZEEH :))
available @ Watsons for Php 100

Girls Night out eye pencil Nichido in Vivid Turquoise
available @ Watsons for Php 80  

LA COLORS retractable Lip pencil in Nude.
available @ Metro D. S. for Php 60

swatches of the 3 liners :)

grab one while you can!!
Ever Bilena Single eyeshadow in black
available @ Metro fro Php 60 instead of Php 100
save Php 40!!

one pat of the color on my hand.

several pats on my hand

liquid foundation from LA COLORS in NUDE
available @ METRO FOR PHP 60
amazing, a foundation for PHP 60.

Powder foundation from Ever Bilena in TENDER HONEY
available @ WATSONS & METRO for PHP145

i bought POSTER PAINTS from NATIONAL BOOKSTORE but i failed to take a picture of them.

anyhoo! i'll get back on you for the review on these products.
see you guys next time!

have an amazing day ahead!

xx Noe


  1. I've tried kojie-san and honestly i don't like it. Parang matabang yung formula ng Kojic nila. Royale Business club's Kojic soap mas mabilis yung effect kaso medyo expensive but you'll see the results in a month. :)

  2. really? do you have a review for it? where can i get a hold of it? :) thanks for the info

  3. I can send you a sample if you like. There's a branch of RBC there in Cebu. My mom says its near Robinson's and infront of a hotel named discovery something. You can pick it up at RBC.

  4. that would be lovely. thank you. when would be the best time for me to pick it up?

  5. how's the LA colors foundation?

  6. I'll send the product next week. Dun mo na lang kunin sa RBC. :)

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