Saturday, October 9, 2010


hi everyone!
today, i woke up with muscle cramps and a really bad back. i didn't even have any plans to get out of bed because of it. normally, i'd reach for my phone and see if i have any messages. i saw say's (Lindsay Artillero) message saying that the announcement video was already up so, i hurriedly got up and turned the laptop on.
honestly, i was quite nervous and so, i checked my mail first and all that stuff just to fill in the time. after that, i loaded the video and watched it. the announcement was pretty fast. i didn't even had time to blink.
and so, the winner is....... ME!!
i told my mom after i watched the video ended. there is a purpose for everything and what happened yesterday was a true testament for me to keep doing what i love, to value life and to always be thankful and humble for everything. alas! a true milestone for my makeup career. the first-ever contest i won for makeup :)

check out the announcement video! :)

i just would like to thank:
Say Tioco Artillero, fellow Youtube Diva Guru and blogger, for hosting the contest.
Pearl Sarcauga ,the owner of Dollface Cosmetics, for sponsoring the contest with awesome rad-ass prizes.
to my fellow contestants

job well done ladies! :) keep doing what you do best and never give up.

to my sisters, my brothers, my mom & dad, cousins, relatives & friends around the globe, a huge THANK YOU to all of you. the love and support you all have given me are beyond words. i love you all!
and also i have to recognize this sweet little person who has shown me a great deal of kindness regardless of how distant our shores are. a BIG BIG WARM THANK YOU TO:
Promise Tamang -Phan !
if it weren't for this lady here, i wouldn't have received a wider audience and solid support from them.
thank you promise! Maraming Maraming Salamat :)
that means lots and lots of thank you's to you :)
and last but definitely not the least, the ever-loving Father of us all who never fails to surprise me with His love and generosity. Because of that, i am motivated to pay it forward.

Today, i remember all the odysseys i encountered and today, i thank God i had them.
Life is beautiful. God is great.

Have an awesome day ahead!


  1. You Deserved to win!!!!!!!! Yaay...
    God Bless.
    Lourdes Roña
    I know the feeling when we won a contest especially the prizes are Makeup! :D Love it.

  2. sabi na eh! you're going to win! good job!


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