Wednesday, October 6, 2010


hey gorgeous! 
i haven't done haul's in a while now so, i decided to make one today.
yesterday, i went out with my family and bought some stuff that i needed.
so, lets get on with it :)

first off, i bought a new sharpener because mine was lost.
i prefer Nichido's sharpener because it does not dull easily and its really cute :)
price @ Php 39.75

next, a new eyebrow shaver.
i am a fan of these because they wont cut you and you have more control when you shave your brows.
i buy mine @ the Nichido stall.
this is Php 50

next item, Fashion 21 color mood in Sultry Wine.
i needed a deep plum color for my Rihanna "Te Amo" tutorial that is to come.
it was very difficult to find a deep plum color so i opted for this one but i will still mix browns and blacks with it to get the right color.
this is @ Php 150

last ELF Bronzing powder in Sun Kissed.
i have been looking for good bronzers lately since Ever Bilena discontinued their bronzers. :(
i like this one because it goes on in a satin finish. there isn't so much shine to it which i prefer.
great for contour and blush as well.
price is @ P129.50

just in case you haven't seen my Everyday Makeup Tutorial here it is :) with some pictures

please do be posted with all my notifications through my public page in FaceBook

xx noe 


  1. I love ur eyebrow! hehe i think i need to buy new sharpener. i lost mine too :(

  2. nice haul :P i love that eyebrow shaper too from nichido.

  3. i'm also using F21's brow shaver. =)

  4. i do not know hot to use brow shaver.. i am too afraid to cut myself.. :S i use elf pressed powder in no.4 as bronzer/or for contouring.. :D nice everyday look.. :D

  5. it'll cut you if you intend to which i strongly suggest that you dont try. :) isnt the powder too powdery? does it stay on? do you have a review for it?

  6. Hi! I love Nichido shaver too. I've been using this one since highschool. I have yet to try the elf bronzer. Some says its not good. Can you tell me what you think about it?

  7. so far i have to complains about it yet :) i'll do a formal review on it soon


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