Saturday, October 23, 2010

Michelle Phan

No, this is not a parody and no, this is not a remake. This is a tutorial to show you how to look like Michelle Phan for Halloween.
Why i'm doing this you might ask? well, Honestly because no one has done a tutorial on how to look like Michelle. Also, Halloween is coming and just maybe, someone somewhere wants to be "Michelle" for that night so, by doing this i'm helping him/her out. This is purely for FUN! and certainly, i do not think i look like michelle. i am only applying makeup in places that will help me and others to mimic Michelle's features as much as we can.
also, i am greatly inspired by the likes of Kandee Johnson, Nic & Sam Chapman, Sarah Victor. Promise Phan just to name a few but i choose Michelle just our features are alike so it would be a lot easier for me to replicate.

okay, with that said. lets move on :)

This is my Halloween tutorial on how to look like Michelle Phan.
Let's start with the makeup!

i really do NOT look like Michelle :))
but at least, i can pull it off with accessories!

this is a dress given by my sister that is MCQUEEN Inspired.
Michelle's fashion sense is whimsical yet classy.
she always prefers clothing that is eye-catching and unique.
she also loves accessories.
a bold ring or earrings can complete the whole Miss Phan look :)
if you dont fancy dresses, you can have this alternative.

i've seen Michelle wore a blazer over a plaid blouse.
She paired it with leggings and nice heels.
you can have this alternative if you do not want a dress. 

The webcam photo's came out better LOL!

Ever Bilena Pro-Flawless foundation in Oriental
Rimmel Recover Concealer
Ever Bilena Powder Foundation in Oriental
Estee Lauder blush

Nichido eyeshadow trio
Ever bilena single eyeshadow in cleo
L'oreal Linuer Intense
Maybelline Magnum Volum' Mascara
Clinique quad "Buttermilk"

Rimmel Moisture Lipstick in SMOOCH

this is the eyes in CLOSE UP :)

enjoy the video! GOOD LUCK :)

xx Noe 

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