Sunday, October 24, 2010

Review on Dollface Cosmetics

Today, I will review the products i purchased from Dollface Cosmetics.
I purchased the 96 color palette, 15 pc concealer palette and the 22 pc Red handled brush set.
I have used the palettes on several photo-shoots and different events.
All opinions and thoughts are honest.
As much as possible, I maintain transparency in all my reviews.
With that said, Let's get right into it :)

You can watch my whole review 

15 pc Concealer palette
Prized @ Php 700
click here to view the product on the Official DF site

i suggest to be extra careful with the handling of the logo sticker because you can easily rip them off.

L to R(columns)
Correcting Colors ( light violet, green, pearl)
Light colors
Medium Colors
Medium Dark Colors
Dark Colors

96 Color Palette
prized @ 900
click here to view the product on the Official DF site

see, you need to really be careful with the logo.

and lastly, the 22 pc Red-handled Brush set
prized @ Php 1800
by far the most expansive thing i bought off the set.
totally worth anyway :)

the BIG brushes :)
the hairs have a little of a fall-out problem but its not shedding a lot.

the shadow brushes!
i love the fact that they have super cute brushes which are multi-tasking

the applicators!
i am INLOVE with theirangled brush.
it keeps my brows looking perfect.LOL

If you are ineterested in purchasing goodies from DF, please do click here and i'll direct you to the main site where in you can shop and buy easily.
Also, do not forget to be a FAN of DF Cosmetics on FACEBOOK.

I hope this helps you alot.
Comment below if you have any questions. 

xx Noe


  1. i love my dollface palette.. :D i am thinking of getting the 96 color palette because of your videos.. however, i have been lemming for their 88 palette eversince.. yay

  2. thanks for this review!!! yey. you just convinced me to get the concealer palette:))

  3. actually you can save more money if you buy the 96 one :) the prize gap between the 88 and 96 is very close and you get more color off the 96 one :) but if you really love the 88 one, go ahead!

    glad to hear that joice. you will NOT regret :)

  4. Hi Noe! I'm a huge fan of yours and I just wanna ask why did you get the 22pc brush set instead of the 28pc set considering they have the same price? Please answer back coz I'm gonna get a set & I don't know which of the two. THANKKKS! ♥

  5. Hi Jian! I got the brush set from Dollface Cosmetics. You can find them in Facebook :) For personal use, I'd go for the 22 pc but if you will be using it for clients then the 28 pc would be better :)


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