Monday, October 18, 2010

Ninja- Asassin

This look is another installment for my Halloween tutorials.
I went for a more daring and bold look.
i chose to be a

isn't this looking like it came straight from an ANIME show or a MANGA?!
i have just one word for it : O_O
and that's not even a word! LOL
NOTE: the spelling is derived from "ASASSIN'S CREED"
google it if you like :)

i was greatly inspired by like artwork by ~kagura88gina from

bad-ass illustration right there.
credits to the artist!

these types of artwork is one f my favorites.
they catch my eye because i love detail and over-all impact plays a HUGE role.
the way the colors marry, strokes used and the mood of the whole artwork.
because of this artwork, i was able to come up with a kick-ass assassin look.

LUCKILY, my new contacts arrived too!
what a great timing, wont you agree?
these babies are JBE EOS lenses in GREY.
i will make a separate review on this.

More pictures? you betcha! 

if only looks could kil..


Ever Bilena Foundation in Oriental & Powder Foundation in Tender Honey
Rimmel Recover Concealer
Estee Lauder Old Rose blush

Franny Serrano Gel Liner
Ever Bilena single eyeshadow in "CLEO"
DOLLFACE COSMETICS 96 color palette
L'oreal Kohl pencil in Noir
Lineur intense in Black
"buttermilk" eyeshadow from Clinique
Magnum Volum' Lash from Maybelline
JBE LOUD & BOLD series in V209LB Gray  from RAINBOWPROJECT
(official distributor of GEO Lenses in the Philippines)

Revlon Colorstay in i forgot the shade

enjoy the tutorial! 
talk to you soon!
xx Noe

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