Sunday, October 31, 2010

Underworld Volturi Vampire

When i was younger, I knew I wanted to be a vampire.
That time I did not actually know why but i was purely drawn to the idea.
When i got to read books and watch movies about vampires, i realized why i was so obsessed with them.
The raw power and finesse a vampire possess is truly magnificent.
Im talking about really old traditional butt-kicking gorgeous vamps not the one's we have now.
They are just misunderstood beautiful old souls.

This is the visual that i mainly used as reference.
credits to Google! :)
I am more influenced with vamp movies like UNDERWORLD because its raw and juicy.
the story line couldnt be better and the action is kick-ass, literally.
it shows how it should be.
not commercial and generic.

a little close-up here so you can see the fantastic eye drama.

very very scary :))

this is a snapshot of the second video i made. i was completely reckless when i deleted the first video.
ohh well, the process is still the same.


Ever Bilena Pro-flawless Foundation in Oriental
Dong-a poster color in White
Ever Bilena foundation powder in Tender Honey

L'oreal Kohl pencil in Noir
Ever Bilena matte eyeshadow in Cleo
Dollface Cosmetics 96 color palette
Maybelline Magnum Volumn Express

Happy Halloween Gorgeous!
xx Noe



  1. I love it girl...!!! I love the 2nd picture. Parang hindi ikaw! Nice... very nice talaga!

  2. wow you look great. seriously, make up's nothing without the attitude. nice photos noe, you nailed it! :P

    by the way, how's the coverage of that particular liquid foundation that you used? i'm looking for a really heavy liquid foundation eh.:)

  3. I love it! And you are gorgeous!!

  4. the 2nd picture is not me akiko :) its sonja from underworld. thanks though i wanna be just like her

    hi joice! amen to that. are you talking about the foundation i used here? it gives a medium coverage. if u want full try cream or stick foundation

  5. you are one beautiful vampire noe!!

  6. all vampires are diba don? LOL sadly, i can only look like them. *sigh thank you btw :)

  7. hello girl! so ganda! :) can i ask what lens did you wear for this tutorial? :)

  8. OMG you look gorgeous! What contacts are you wearing? They are so <3! Joined your giveaway btw~ :D

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.


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