Monday, November 1, 2010

Non-Makeup Haul

I went out to run an errand for myself.
as weird as it sounds, i enjoy this recreation.LOL.
for the first time i was not able to buy any makeup product.
i purely was not interested in any of them as of the moment.
anyway, i bought really really cute items! i'm definitely re-purchasing.
let's start!

new! CLOSE UP Active Gel
i am desperate for white teeth. LOL
the ad for this product seemed convincing to i wanted to try it.
p.s. idk the price since the receipt fell somewhere.

BABY FIRST Baby Wipes for Php 159
i have used this since before and i just got used to them.
wet wipes are quite handy for me. the tissue is quite soft and there isnt a weird scent or after scent.

Ponds Pure White for Php 149
if you havent seen my review for this product, click here.
i love this product! here's my repurchase.
my skin has found its soulmate LOL

Hand-made Lashes made in China A21 (R) and A19(L) for Php 99 & Php 77 respectively
available @ Metro Ayala
there basically 10 pairs of lovely lashes.
since i have a free-lance job, this is complete convenience.
i took the chance and grabbed these babies before they run out.
i give my lashes as a free giveaway after a make-over just so they have a little souvenir.

Dual Applicator for Php 29.75 available in Metro Ayala
this is a really cute applicator because you get 2 in 1.
how amazing is that? i really get excited over these things plus their cheap. $$$!

Fanbu Tweezers for Php 76 available in Metro Ayala
arent these the cutest?? the tweezers is so me! LOL
my old tweezers needed replacing so, i went ahead and bought this one.
i just LOVE it

That's all folks!
i hope you enjoyed this little haul of mine.

xx Noe


  1. i love the lashes, and 10 pairs for those prices? wow! i want to have those too :))

  2. i saw exactly the same eyelashes in ebay... they sell them for 250 :(

  3. where do u get all this stuff? i swear i'm gonna have to consult w/u on the best places to shop on my next visit home to Cebu!

  4. if you can find them go and buy everything LOL sounds drastic but these babies dont come often you know. grab these things before they disappear! LOL

  5. i want those lashes!!! sayang wala dito in manila


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