Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hi everyone!
Today i thought I'd share to you all my Face & Outfit of The Day (FOTD)
By doing this you'll get to see my sense of style and also get to know me a little bit more.

BTW, later this evening i found out that Say (saytiocoartillero) a fellow beauty guru and friend had almost the same Face of the day! what a total coincidence. what we planned was to make a FOTD blog but this just came as a complete surprise. 
check her entry here

Lets start!

Myra E daily protect moisturizer with SPF 15
Maybelline clear and smooth pressed powder in Honey
Rimmel Recover concealer

Lineur Intense liner by L'oreal
Maybelline magnum volume express mascara
Nichido Lip pencil in Blaze

I do not wear foundation in a daily basis because i have a combination skin. it gets oily towards the end of the day and i find it tedious for me to go and retouch. That's why i opt for a tinted moisturizer or a moisturizer with spf. Everything is kept simple and neat. My classmates know me for my red lips because i always wear it. Its my trademark because i simply love red :)


Vintage Cardigan c/o Mom
Hollister Tank top

Rough Rider skinny jeans
Gladiator sandals made from the Philippines!

Vintage bracelet
Guess leather watch
Black small hooped earrings

My style usually changes but i keep one thing constant, vintage items.
i simply adore old things and how they were made.
sometimes i do get a little bit more "dressy" but often times i look like this.

That was my look! I hope ya'll have enjoyed it.

xx Noe


  1. Girls with their hair up in cute buns rock! ♥

  2. where do you study? it's cool that you don't have uniforms there. you can totally express your own sense of style.

  3. you two are too cute!! :D you look like twins with this look.. hehe

  4. amen say! haha we rock \m/

    hey anna! no actually we have uniforms but since its the start of classes were given time to where casual attire. i study at the University of San Jose- Recoletos

    thanks donna! :))

  5. hahah i have a picture like that with a red lip and a bun i love doing it its so sleek and stylish and very simple :) anyway you look great!

  6. with a tsyle like that, you can never go qrong :) thanks donna!


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