Friday, November 5, 2010

Verdict & Review

I'm going to show you all the items that i have bought for the past weeks and tell you what i thought of them.
This is not necessarily a review on them. It's more of a verdict so to speak.
The video is there down below, go check it out.
Here are the products that i gave my verdict.

Franny Serrano Lash curler

Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express Mascara

L'oreal Lineur Intense

Nichido Cheek Mousse

E.L.F. Bronzing Powder in sun kissed

Ever Bilena Eyeshadow in Cleo

Ever Bilena Powder Foundation in Tender Honey


  1. hi. i know your a fan of Michelle Phan. i just want you to look at this

    i'm not a hater. i used to like her too. but after reading made me think twice. then i became neutral. i got nothing against her but the fan in me just stop.

    i dont want you to just stop liking her and be a hater. i just want you to know the other side of the MP world. nothing harmful thoughts here.

    that's all. Goodluck!

  2. ok who is arissa?? sorry but i just cannot ignore the previous comment noe.. who is arissa??? hehe anyways,, i love my fs curler too.. i think i should be replacing it already just because i read somewhere that it has to be replaced... i also love my lineur intense but mine is the brush type.. i want the felt tip so badly... i want to try eb foundations too.. got bad case of break outs when i used them before way back in college.. (wheeew i feel so old tuloy.. hehe)

  3. hello uhm you thank u for sharing the link and no it does not affect my feelings towards michelle. actually i read worse things about her but i dont really see that as a big deal. people are not perfect. thats just it. and i appreciate her talent and her works. plus im not a person who likes negativity. i find it quite heavy you know. and also, if u dont mind me asking, qho's arissa?

  4. Hi donna! i asked the same question :)) i think every lash curler needs replacing after a while. but are you still repurchasing the same one? the felt tip is heaven! try it. have you changed your skin care now? maybe you can handle eb foundations now. or maybe not just try and see! :) BTW, you dont look old! haha


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