Friday, November 5, 2010


here i am again with my Face and Outfit of the day *applause*
Today i wore yellow, again.
i only noticed it when i was on the way home from class.
Maybe yellow is my color LOL
Anyway, maybe Say and i would look similar again. Better watch out for her FOTD LOL

Lets Start!

I was going for the minimalist type of look.
My hair was quite damp here still.

Fashion 21 color set Brown & Black (brows)
Rimmel concealer (under-eye)
Myra E moisturizer with spf
Maybelline clear and smooth powder in Honey
Chapstick in Strawberry

that's basically it LOL

I'm wearing my slippers still!! LOL :))
but i wore Tan Ballet flats from JUAN to school dont worry.

Inner TOP white Basic Spaghetti strap from Mango
Yellow blouse from my sister *holla!
Belt from mom *holla again!
Next Jeans skinny
Ballet flats TAN from JUAN
*pardon the slippers :)
in case you want to know their from TOE BERRIES :)

Pearl necklace from my sister LOL
vintage Guess watch leather

i decided to braid my hair since it was quite humid today.

Final shot before i left the house.
BTW, im in my Brothers room :)

That's all for today!

xx NOE


  1. i have the same top!!! in violet!!!

  2. Oh we don't have similar looks na today. :)

  3. i have a violet one din donna!! :))

    Yey! haha baka next time the same ulit.

    really? thanks! random lady :)

  4. you kinda look like bubzbeauty in this pic :) pretty Go! Asian Beauty


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